Surviving Christmas and New Year….

Surviving Christmas and New Year….

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Peg Alexander worried about XmasIs it possible to still have a brilliant Christmas and New Year without becoming the Christmas pudding yourself and putting on loads of weight? Can you indulge without the budge?

Well it’s that time of year again – Christmas and New Year – the time when according to reports most people put on the most weight; up to 10lb over the festive season some research suggests. For anyone who watches their weight, Christmas and New Year can be a really tricky time. Or even harder for anyone who is actually dieting, which is what I am still doing trying to shift my travel weight so I can get back in my clothes! (1 stone down so far, another to go).  Eeek! 🙂

But there are ways to help us all to cope with it and still have a fab time. I have developed what I call ‘5 Golden Rules of Christmas’.  At the heart – whether you’re just watching your weight or actually dieting – is the concept that you need to think in advance about how you will manage your festive season, to agree a plan with yourself and then to stick to it. And I hope my 5 Golden Rules can help you put together your own plan and still have a great holiday.

In the meantime, if you want to hear the rules in a lighthearted way just click here. And remember to share your tips and ideas on here and Facebook too.

Good luck, and have a fab Christmas and New Year.

Peg xx

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