Need to get rid of those post holiday pounds? Get soupy!

Need to get rid of those post holiday pounds? Get soupy!

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Many people will have lost weight doing bikini diets in time for their summer holidays. Not me! I’ve had a great summer so far – loads of parties, events, meals out, a long weekend in Norway in June and a brilliant week in Barcelona last week. So as you might imagine, it has told on me and I’m now at the maximum size I want to be. Time to get rid of those post summer pounds!!

As followers of my Facebook page and those who have read my 21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off  know, I believe that putting on some weight is inevitable. The challenge when keeping weight off is not to worry about putting on some weight, but it’s about how much you let yourself put on and what you do about it when you do.

Believing it’s inevitable you’ll put some back on takes the pressure off, believe me. Because I don’t feel I’ve failed, I don’t berate myself. I just accept this is how it is. So now that my best dress is too tight for me to wear I’m sorting it out!

It’s not hard and it needn’t be a big thing when all you need to do is to re-balance a bit. So for a few weeks I’ll be doing Slimming World Max to Success and I’m just cutting out the ice-creams and cakes I’ve been enjoying. I know that by Sept my size 10s will be that bit looser again.

Get soupy!!
Soup is my best friend when I need to cut back a bit. It’s brilliant. You can make whatever flavour you like and you can make it fat free. So long as you only put in veg and lean protein it’s totally fat burning. And you can get a meal in minutes.

I didn’t mess around after my hols – I got home on Friday morning, by Friday teatime I’d made 2 large pans of soup, both very quick ‘cheating’ recipes. I made carrot and coriander using frozen carrots and ground coriander and spicy tomato using red peppers and celery and good quality passata.

Its very simple. Just fry your onions in fry light or water, add some other veg you want. Cook till softened and starting to brown. Add flavouring – coriander for the carrot; garlic, bay leaves, Italian herbs and a bit of balsamic vinegar in the tomato. I then added some stock made with ‘bouillon’ to both and also some red lentils for added protein and bulk. I also added some chilli to the tomato as chilli makes food even more fat burning. You can use chilli powder but if using fresh remember not to ‘fry’ it as this will make your eyes water but to add to the liquid. 20-25 minutes later and a quick whizz and they were ready to go.

So get soupy and fill up, eating as much as you want. And any post holiday pounds will soon start to drop off.


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