Love mince pies? Then make your own!

Love mince pies? Then make your own!

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mince pie muffins cookedOne of the many lovely things about Christmas is mince pies. They are scrummy. And very plentiful. From now on there may well be mince pies at meetings, at gatherings, when you go for a cup of tea or coffee at a friends. But sadly, many will be very fattening and will turn to fat on you! It really is the case that one mince pie could hurt. Indeed, you may need to walk about 4 miles to walk off just one mince pie! So if you are watching your weight then you need to think carefully about how many you can eat this festive season.

Many mince pies will be shop bought, and most shop bought goods come with more calories which turn more quickly to fat than home-made or unprocessed food. But as we know Christmas is not a time to deny yourself everything. So here is my solution. If you love mince pies, make your own, and take them to places where you know there will be.

This is just one suggestion from my new 5 Golden Rules of Christmas which I’ll be sending out in coming days. In the meantime, here is a lovely, quick, easy and lower fat/sugar free mince pie recipe.

So enjoy!

Low fat and sugar mince pies

For the mincemeat:
500g apples (use cooking apples if you can)
900g mixed dried fruit
3 tsp mixed spice
600ml cider
2 tbsp brandy, whisky or rum.

For the pastry:
1 packets of filo pastry sheets


To make the mincemeat:

mincemeat1. Grate the apple and put into a pan with the mixed dried fruit. Add the mixed spice and cider and stir well.

2. Simmer for about 20 minutes until the liquid has almost gone and the mixture is soft and pulpy.

3. Stir in the brandy, whisky or rum and leave to cool.


To make into mince pies:
You can either use a small muffin tray to make open pies or you can make parcels.

Using a muffin tray:

mince pie muffin with filo pastry1. Spray with some fry light.

2. Cut the filo pastry into squares. Then use 2 or 3 squares depending on the size of your muffin cases. Place the first square over a cup and mould. Then take the second and put at an angle to the first and again mould. Do the same with any third sheet.

3. Bake at gas mark 4 or 180c for 10 mins.

4. Spoon in the mincemeat.

5. Bake for a further 12 to 15 minutes. Keep checking to see when they are ready. If your muffin tin is large you may need to bake for a further 5 minutes.


To make parcels:

mincepie parcel uncooked1. Spray a non stick baking sheet with fry-light

2. Use 2 or 3 squares of file depending on how thick you would like your pastry.

3. Place a couple of spoonfuls of mincemeat in the centre of the square.

4. Bundle up into a nice parcel.

5. Bake at gas mark 3½ or 150c until the tops are brown but the bottoms of the parcels are also cooked. I baked them for around 20 minutes; larger parcels may need more time to bake the bottoms.

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Wedding planner

Great article. Thank you to tell us more useful information. I am looking forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

Rule 1 to have a great christmas and still manage your weight | Peg Alexander

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Arti Shah

I am on a health kick & have lost a lot of weight. I am worried Christmas will have me put on the weight again. So I am looking for some low fat/low sugar recipes or main meals & baking items. Do you have any other recipes to share?



Thanks Arti. I’m currently having a year out and so I picked up your comment in Goa in India!! So I’m afraid that I don’t have my recipes with me but what I would suggest is to think about the things you really like eating at Christmas, then google low fat / low sugar recipes. Or try creating your own using easy swaps like the ones I suggest on . The main thing is to find ways to enjoy food whilst cutting down on the sugar, refined flours and fats you have. Also have a look at my 5 Golden Rules for Christmas – loads more suggestions in there. (click the menu tab).

Good luck Arti – have a great Christmas and lets hope it’s a Christmas lite!!! Peg A


HI, how many pies does this mixture yield on average? thanks


    Thanks Clare. From memory it made about 4 large pies that I made in a muffin tray and about 5 that I made in a small cup cake tray. Let us know how you get on if you try it! x


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