Key 16 – Away from home you can still keep weight off

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If you eat out, have to travel or are away from home a lot, still plan and manage your food. Cut down how often you eat out; develop your own ‘food on the go’ menu and options. Don’t think that because you are somewhere else you have to eat the food they provide. If you do eat out, choose what you eat carefully.


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To manage and lose weight control your own food even in hotels or conferences. | Peg Alexander

[…] The conference was in a hotel but despite being away for 2 nights and 3 days I didn’t leave any of my food to chance. That’s not to say I didn’t partake of some of the food on offer; just that I was very deliberate about it and it was on my terms. You can watch a short video here about how you don’t need to leave food to chance. […]


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