The Solution

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So what is the secret to keeping weight off?

Peg Alexander - before and after

My name is Peg Alexander: I was a size 22 now I’m keeping weight off


The secret to keep weight off is that there is no single answer – that we each need an individual plan. After all, if there was one simple answer no-one would lose weight and put it back on again!

This Solution is based around 21 tried and tested habits that you can use in a pick-and-mix way to help you put together your own plan. 

21 Keys to keep weight off


These ‘21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off’ are based on real experience and years of research into food. They have come from a very personal journey – not from a medic or a dietician, just from someone who is living this and proof that the 21 Keys work.


The ‘21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off’ are guided by 3 principles:

  • Be deliberate about everything you eat or drink. Good food is your friend
  • Get more active. Increase activity in your day-to-day routine
  • Accept and love yourself. Celebrate your success and stay motivated, even in the face of some weight gain.


Click here to see the 21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off.


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’21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off’ © Peg Alexander 2011. Disclaimer