21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off

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21 Keys logo as a JPEGBased on over 7 years experience of keeping weight off, these ’21 Keys To Keeping Weight Off ‘© describe habits which help you to keep weight off. They 21 Keys are:


The Foodie ones!
Key 1.      Think carefully about everything you eat or drink
Key 2.      Never leave food to chance
Key 3.      All calories are not equal – some are more equal than others
Key 4.      Once overweight, always overweight
Key 5.      Be natural, eat ‘brown’ and try veggie
Key 6.      Adapt diets to make ongoing eating plans
Key 7.      If you love ‘junk-food’ learn to cook ‘junk-food’ alternatives
Key 8.      Accept a sweet tooth
Key 9.      Get metabolic!
Key 10.    You’re not losing weight – don’t deprive yourself


Fitting Keeping Weight Off with your life rather than the other way round!
Key 11.    This is your programme, not always your family’s
Key 12.    Deal with your ‘trigger’ foods and situations
Key 13.    Bring your family, friends, work and social life with you
Key 14.    Make meal time an occasion
Key 15.    Manage the supermarket and food shop
Key 16.    Away from home you can still keep weight off


Get on up!!
Key 17.    Find ways to get more active


Look good, love yourself and keep motivated!
Key 18.    Accept your weight and size will go up and down
Key 19.    Ditch the scales and trust how you look
Key 20.    Learn to love yourself, lumps and bumps and all
Key 21.    Draw on your diet motivation, stay motivated and big yourself up!



If some of them look really obvious, that’s because they are!
It’s understanding them within the context of your own life and making them a part of how you live, day to day, so that you don’t even know you are doing it that is the not so simple part. Some of them also need you to have specific knowledge and understanding about food.


That’s why The Keep Weight Off Solution book will be coming soon – giving loads more detail to each of the Keys and helping you to create your own plan. 

Note disclaimer – read here.



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