Going calorific – do it on your terms!!

Going calorific – do it on your terms!!

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Birthday Cake

Thanks to D Sharon Pruitt for the photo

Yesterday on my Facebook page where I post (almost) daily hints and tips about how to keep weight off and end yoyo dieting for ever, I shared that I was going to a party. I knew there was likely to be party food (nibbles, pizza, cake etc) so my hint was to offer to contribute to the food and take low fat/sugar healthy food with you that you are happy to eat. That way you’re adding to the party and managing your food. And everyone’s a winner!

So before we went to the party I took a pic of the large bowl of couscous salad and a no fat roast veg chilli pasta dish I’d made and the strawberries and yoghurt I’d packed.

Talk about words coming back to bite you on the bum! Later on at the party, my friend Sarah who subscribes to the page, gave me a right telling off as she spotted me eating a slice of Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake. ‘How can you’, she said. ‘You’re supposed to be eating the food you’ve bought not cake!’. I gathered from the chat that she thinks I never eat cake and the like and I’m always ‘good’.

How wrong! I actually do eat cake, chocolate, meals out (Friday night we want for a curry). But I always plan so that I am in total control when it comes to eating high calorie food.

Keeping weight off isn’t about depriving yourself for ever, but it is about being in control of your food. Putting it bluntly, if I am going to eat high calorie food I want it to be food I love and I really want to eat and is nice, not high calorie stuff that other people want me to eat or just because it’s the only food that’s there.

Taking food like a fat free couscous or pasta dish to a party serves two purposes for my weight. I can eat loads of it and love it, and I can still allow myself to eat small amounts of the other food that I want to eat, on my terms.

So be in control – when you do eat high stodge, sugar and fried food, make sure its food you really love. Enjoy it knowing you are in control and balancing out with other food and activity.

Love food, love life!

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