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Keeping Weight Off – Courses / Workshops

In action at Dewsbury Women’s Centre, West Yorks

I have developed course/group workshop materials all about how you keep weight off and stay positive. Based on the ‘21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off‘ © my workshops, which I deliver personally, can be delivered in a range of formats or lengths.

Using a range of group techniques and interactive methods, I will encourage participants to think about their situation, lives, likes and dislikes, and to:

  • Look at what they currently eat and how active they are and to think about their relationship with food.
  • Think about what kind of foods they need to eat to keep weight off.
  • Look at how they eat and whether they can make changes to this.
  • Look at some of the more challenging circumstances and situations in their lives when it comes to food and to think about how they might manage them.
  • Consider ways to become more active.
  • Be more positive about themselves and their bodies to enable them to keep weight off.

All participants will finish the course with their own personalised plan.
Click here to watch a short video introducing my approach and courses.

The course can be adapted to meet the needs of your group or organisation and I can deliver it during the day or evening, weekdays or weekends. For more information please contact me at or call +44 (0)7976 395 492

What do people say about my courses / workshops?

Course evaluation forms show:

  • 100% of participants rated the course excellent or really good, with 60% saying excellent.
  • 100% said the information provided about what to eat/drink to have a healthy diet and keep weight off was really good or excellent
  • 100% of participants rated all aspects of the course good to excellent – no one rated any aspects as poor or OK.
  • 80% of participants said they had made changes as a result of the course. Changes included eating much more healthily; eating more slowly; avoiding processed food; thinking about what I eat.
  • 100% would recommend the course to others.

One participant’s views about a course:

“I found the group dynamics to be very relaxed and lots of useful information was provided. The hand-outs were clear and concise and I’ve filed them away so I can refer back to them. I found Peg to be an excellent course leader who provided relevant information in a way that was easy to understand and practical. I would definitely recommend this course to people as I feel there is a huge gap in the market for learning about weight management.”

Other comments about the course:

I took away a lot of knowledge about food.”
“I really liked meeting others with similar problems.”
“I liked the printed material so I can ‘digest’ it later at home.”
“I learnt a lot.”
I liked “Hearing other people’s ideas about how they keep their weight off.”
“I liked the informal / friendly atmosphere.”
I’ve learned “Unless I see them I dont usually want trigger foods.”
“It’s made me think about my relationship with food.”
I’m “slowly changing to foods that take longer to digest.”

I also received great feedback about the course format and my style:

“Peg is very good at putting her knowledge across.
“I liked “Peg’s honesty – she has been where it’s at and knows weight will always be an issue of some sort.”
“Peg gives out information in a friendly manner and she keeps it real.”
“It was very encouraging to see that Peg had kept to her weight and that the tools she was teaching us had helped her maintain.”
“Peg you are a very patient person listening to everybody’s tales. Such a lot of advice and a wonderful person. Thank you.”

’21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off’ © Peg Alexander 2011. Disclaimer