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2 weeks into my diet – but is it for me?


I’m now 2 weeks into my diet. When keeping weight off, it’s inevitable that you put weight back on. Keeping weight off does not mean not putting any weight on at all, it’s about when do you decide to do anything about it. Due to medical reasons I’ve put on nearly 2 stone more than I want. So now I’m dieting to lose this.

I’ve chosen to do Slimming World this time and I’ve now been to 3 classes. I really like the leader and the people are very nice but truth be told I’m struggling with it. All the research shows that you are more likely to succeed with a diet as part of a group. But 3 groups in, I’m honestly wondering how many more groups I’ll be able to stand……

Eating out
I had an OK week. On the Saturday I went to one of the best and poshest restaurants in the UK and negotiated a meal in advance that was OK. On the Sunday I went to a BBQ. Slimming World says 1/3 of your meal should be fruit or veg so I had a slice of cake with some salad!!!

Your ‘success’ or not is public
When I went to a Lighterlife group for nearly 2 years, your weigh-in is private. At Slimming World it’s the opposite – read out to the whole group. If you lose you get applause; maintain or add and you get sympathetic noises. And despite that the fact that generally I’m open about my weight I’m struggling with this. The first week I just maintained and I honestly felt totally humiliated at the prospect of this being read out. It felt better having a loss of 3lb read out but I was still nervous.

Making sure 1/3 of my plate was fruit or veg!!

It’s a whole life change
Having spent so long thinking about why I got fat in the first place, and reading the research about how what we eat as children effects our weight later in life, I’m struggling with the fact that there are loads of kids at the class who seem to all be eating sweets, crisps and other processed foods; I’ve not seen any eating fruit, or raisins or carrot sticks for example. And so I find it frustrating that some of the excellent messages the leader is giving about healthy eating and this being about a whole life change don’t seem to be cascading down to the kids. Maybe I’m being unfair or just haven’t noticed; I do hope so.

Bodies are so unpredictable
Hearing how people have done and then they talk about the week they have had it’s also so clear how the human body is so unpredictable. Some people stick to the plan and put on weight; others eat all sorts and still lose. Time of the month really effects me and it all leaves me feeling a lot that weight is not the best judge as it seems so arbitrary; how our clothes feel or how we feel about ourselves I think are much better judges.

But despite all this I think the group is working
I sat in the group making notes surreptitiously on my phone for this blog, noting how I don’t feel motivated by competitions even if it seems to work for others. And then she announced that I was Slimmer of the Week!! And guess what – that has felt pretty motivating after all!!! And if I’m honest the public nature of the weigh-in is having an effect. This morning I’ve been on the scales and my weight is slightly up so I’ve said no to going out to eat this evening which I probably would have done if there was no group to go to.

Horses for courses
Ultimately, although I’m finding this hard, it is making me think and it is changing my eating habits. And I can’t argue with the thousands of people for whom it works week in, week out.

I think it’s a case of horses for courses. What suits one person doesn’t always suit another. And what suits you at one point in your life may not be the right solution at another. The trick is when anything doesn’t motivate you or you find it feels ‘heavy’ inside, stop. Don’t just give up. Maybe it’s just not for you and no doubt there is another way for you.

Sometimes when keeping weight off you just have to diet…..


I’ve been ill recently and as a result I’ve not been following my own advice about eating, eating what I ever I fancy without thinking. I’ve been scoffing bread which I normally don’t have a problem at all only eating occasionally, and wolfing down cheese which again I don’t normally eat. Dunkin’ Donuts have been calling me, as have a few too many cakes and crisps. Add to that some pizzas and a few take-aways and basically I’ve put on about 1½ stones (21lb or just under 9kg) in a the space of a few weeks. If I ever needed proof that my ’21 Keys to Keeping Weight Off’ work it has been how quickly I’ve put weight back on when I stopped following them! Time to go on a diet. 

So now time for action….
Key 18 ‘Accept your weight and size will go up and down’ is all about this. How it’s inevitable that we put weight back on. The question is how much and when do we take action to re-balance? All studies of people who keep weight off long term find that they have a way to keep a check on their weight and they have ways to re-balance when needed. I do that all the time.

But now I’m facing a far bigger challenge. All my clothes are too tight and I reckon I have gone up a dress size to a 12. I still look OK (being over 40 my face probably looks better), but the hardest part is I feel terrible. So, for me, I need to not just cut back a bit, I need to proper diet.

Instead of just using meal replacements at home, this time I have decided to join Slimming World and lose the weight more slowly by eating normal food. Another dieting fact – people who join a group are far more successful than those who go it alone – so I’ve signed up for at least 6 weeks of the group and last Wednesday went to the first session.

My only other experience of diet groups was Lighterlife with whom I lost nearly 8 stone. This group was very different – not better or worse – just different. I took to the leader straight away. She is really knowledgeable about the programme and I loved the way she challenged people in the group about their eating – quite direct but also with a smile in hour voice. One woman who had not done so well blamed it on going to the seaside (exactly where I’d been and also piled on the pounds to be fair). The leader asked ‘why does going to the seaside put on weight?’ The woman admitted with a laugh it was not going to the seaside but her eating choices whilst there. And we were given recipes for puddings which suited me fine! The women were all really nice but as with any weight group I suspect there are some who are more serious, and some more able to make the necessary changes needed than others. My challenge will be to not let others inability to keep to the programme make me worry that I wont. I know I can ; I have since then except a mate’s BBQ yesterday where the cake got the better of me. But at least only a small slice (or two).

The most important thing for me, though, is to remember it’s not a failure that I’m having to go back to a weight loss group. I’ve been ill and I needed to relax my eating habits for a while. I’ve just put some weight on, that’s all. I’m not a failure, or worthless, or a loser. And now I feel better, I’m getting back on top of it.

So if you are ever in the same boat do not feel bad or blame yourself. Accept it, love yourself and just decide to do something about it. 

Lets just hope my resolve shows on the scales at my first group weight in………