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Welcome to Keeping Weight Off – a website all about how you can keep weight off for good. 

My name is Peg Alexander and I’ve been overweight most of my adult life. In 2008 I lost over 7 1/2 stone (over 100lb or 45kg), going from a UK dress size 22 to a size 10. Since then, despite loads of medical, personal and professional challenges I’ve kept the weight off.  What’s more, I remain a positive person, full of optimism for the future. I am living proof that you can do it and still have a busy, active, challenging and normal life!

I now want to share my bizarre stories, experiences, insight, knowledge, and hints & tips on how you keep weight off, and to share my thoughts about how you can stay positive when life is, bluntly, difficult.

Click on the pages above to find out more:

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  • And you can join the debate too, telling others how you have kept weight off and what you do to feel better. Tweet your ideas at #keepw8off and also use my Facebook updates to post your thoughts and ideas.

You can also find my general website at www.pegalexander.com

I hope my ideas can help you too keep weight off for once and for all, and help you be more positive if you need that in your life. And if you join in too, hopefully you’ll be helping me as well.

Have fun, live life, and love food!

Peg x

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