Imagine losing over half your body weight, going from a UK size 22 to a size 10. Then still being able to wear clothes you bought after your diet 10 years later. That's the personal expereince that inspired this weight management solution.

Starting with the aim of finding a way to live life to the full, and to still eat lots and eat well, this Solution helps everyone to create their own plan to keep weight off:

What you eat

Not all food behaves in the same way in the body. The Solution thinks about WHAT you eat

How you eat

Managing weight has to fit into your life. This Solution looks at that and helps every-day good habits around HOW you eat

Attitude & Activity

Not just about food, its about getting active, getting rest and bigging yourself up!

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Quick weight loss: Tried all sorts. What worked?

  So I needed some really quick weight loss in a very short time. Time for drastic action and trying a load of different tech.

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